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{Getting my Hippie On…}

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With the new year being upon us and my goal for this year is to be more intentional about things. I am including being intentional in the way I am taking care of my family. Which apparently means I am now some sort of “hippie”! Well… at least according to my children. They pretty much think anything I do that is new and different is weird. Oddly enough wearing flannel is included in that, for whatever reason? But that is another story.;)

I have been struggling with horrible migraines for several years. They are so bad that all I want to do is hide in a deep, dark, quiet closet somewhere away from everyone and try not to toss my cookies. It is pretty horrendous!! I have tried taking over the counter migraine medicine in the past and it doesn’t always help and sometimes does nothing at all. I end up miserable in bed waiting for it to pass. It usually takes until the next day to fully go away and lots of sleep. Not all that practical for a mother of three, after all we have things to do and places to be. I have been hearing a lot about essential oils lately and different ways they are helping people. One of them being for migraines. I figured since I really hate taking over the counter and prescription meds with tons of side effects, I should try a more natural route and see how that worked.

I decided to go ahead and sign up as a Young Living Independent Distributor. I purchased the starter kit and can now buy my oils at the wholesale prices, which is 24% off customer retail. I like that they don’t have any monthly minimums or requirements to meet and you aren’t ever required to sell anything. It is great. I decided to go ahead and purchase the starter kit because it is a great deal and seemed silly not to. You get the 10 most popular oils (plus a bottle of Stress Away, one of my favorites) as well as the diffuser for $150. The diffuser alone is about $75. It just seemed like a no brainer to get started this way.

I am completely blown away with how well these oils have worked for my family. Serious life changing stuff going on here folks! I hope you will give them a try and see what they can do for your family. I will be sharing a little bit about each oil and what they work best for. I love that I can now treat my family’s ailments naturally and without dangerous side effects.







Peace & Calming


Pan Away


Stress Away

If you would like to take a look at the other oils that are available, you can see them here…

Young Living Essential Oils.


If you ever have any questions or if you would like to try any of the oils at my discount, I am more than happy to help. Feel free to drop me an email at…




If you’d like to go ahead and purchase a starter kit for yourself, you can follow these simple instructions:

  • Go to:  Distributor Sign-up
  • Please make sure you’ve checked Young Living Independent Distributor (and not retail customer—you will not get wholesale prices as a customer)
  • Enter #1606232 in the sponsor ID and enroller ID areas
  • Fill out your info
  • Select your kit ($150 premium starter kit is the best value.  You get 10 oils plus a home diffuser in this kit)
  • You can say no to the Essential Rewards–in fact, I recommend this until you’ve tried the oils and know if you like them or not.
  • At this point you can add more to your order if you’d like
  • All finished!



I use Young Living because of the health benefits I have seen after using them in my family.  Each and every person is different and you might not experience the same results, however, I hope you will!


Disclaimer- This is my opinion based on MY experiences. Please take it as only that. Always use common sense and seek the advice of a qualified health professional when making decisions regarding health for you and your family. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.  

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